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Kit x Cade

Waterproof Elie Kit x Cade Bib

Waterproof Elie Kit x Cade Bib

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 A sleepy and irresistible foodie friend suitable for all genders.

At Kit and Cade, our ambition is to transform dull kids essentials into fun, irresistably cute statements that spark joy! A Kiwi mama-run company now based in Sydney and Texas, launched waterproof kids accessories for less mess and more fun. 

• Wipe clean or rinse your waterproof items after wearing, with cold
 soapy water or a baby wipe. Dry flat or hang in shade.
• For big messes, secure velcro neck strap and cold delicate machine
 wash with mild detergent in a garment bag. Dry flat or hang in shade.
• Please do not use harsh chemicals or solvents.
• Please do not use hot water or tumble dry.
• Highly pigmented foods such as tomato and berries might stain the fabric if left for  too long. Remove these foods as soon as possible
 after use

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